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Rama Sourindro Gargya Deva was a high chela of the Master K.H., "having lived long years with them"[1] as he claimed in a publication.

He was one of the disciples that signed the "Protest"[2] to Mr. Hume's article published in The Theosophist in Sept., 1882, p. 326.

In December 1883 he published in The Theosophist an "Open letter to Madame Blavatsky" entitled "Himalayan and Other Mahatmas". The article was a reaction to the attack the Masters were receiving by Spiritualists as result of the "Kiddle Incident". In it, he criticizes the fact that Mme. Blavatsky, Col. Olcott, Mr. Sinnett, "and a few others", had desecrated the Masters' names when they "talked of the Masters before an irreverent and unsympathising world". He states that although the Masters would not care about either abuse or adulation, the desecration of their names causes great pain to the Hindus that venerate the Masters in their hearts.


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