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Browser experience as of June, 2018:

We have tested most features of Theosophy Wiki in a PC environment using Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Foxfire, and Microsoft Edge. Apple Safari for Windows is no longer available, and Microsoft Internet Explorer use is being discouraged in Windows 10, although we formerly tested IE versions 8 through 11. In the Mac world the wiki has been tested using Safari and on iPad.

Chrome had two issues in the past, but neither seems to be a problem any longer.

Previous issues: (1) The day given in the H. P. Blavatsky Gem of the Day can be several days old if the cache has not been cleared recently.  (2) Another oddity that has cropped up is a report that when Zoom is set at less than 100%, blocks of blue color appear in the background of Theosophy Wiki pages. To get back to a normal background, click the wrench icon at the upper right of the display and set Zoom to 100%.

Please notify the administrators of any quirks or issues with specific browsers.

NOTE: The Privacy policy page describes how the Theosophy Wiki uses cookies, and a section called Clearing cookies tells how to delete the cookies from browsers.