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Creating a new article

Type in the search box the title of the article you intend to create (for example: Karma) and click on Go. You will see a blank page with the message:

There were no results matching the query.
Create the page "Karma" on this wiki!

Click on the word "Karma" and you will have a blank page to start the article.

Creating a stub article

If you see the need to create an article but do not have time to flesh it out, add the template:

{{Template:Article needs expansion}}

Add a brief description and categories if you can.

General ideas for any article

  • Consider adding redirects from alternate spellings or abbreviations.
  • Begin with a general sentence or two of introduction.
  • Use section headings to organize topics within the article with the following format:
== Title or heading of the section ==
  • Use quotations when needed, especially when dealing with specific teachings where access to the original source is important. To indent the quote use the following format:
<blockquote> at the beginning of the quote.
</blockquote> at the end of the quote.
  • Provide references to support your writing, with appropriate footnotes. For this, you will have to add at the end of the article a section with the following format:
== Notes ==

For more information see Help:Footnotes and references.

  • Add the appropriate section for further reading with one of the following formats:
== Further reading ==
== Additional resources ==

Help:Editing has additional information.

Article about terminology or concept

When creating a new article about a term or concept, it is recommended to follow the following pattern:

  • If the article is about a foreign word (such as Antaḥkaraṇa) please provide the correct transliteration and writing system in the original language (in this example, "devanāgarī: अन्तःकरण"). If needed, you can briefly discuss the etymology of the term.
  • Preferably start with a paragraph with a general description, before going into the topic in more depth.
  • Create a section title enclosed in pairs of equals signs, such as:
== Karma in Hinduism ==
== Commentary by W. Q. Judge ==
== Annie Besant interpretations ==
== Karma in popular culture ==

You can create as many sections as necessary.

Article about a person

  • Begin with a sentence or two summarizing the significance of the person.
  • Add sections about the person's career, accomplishments, significance, Theosophical work, or writings.
  • If birth and death dates are available, add them to the Calendar.
  • Add categories for occupation, nationality, and anything else appropriate.

Article about a book, periodical, or art work

  • Force the title of the article to be displayed in italics.
  • Describe the origin, development, or publication history of the work, and mention the artist or writer.
  • Discuss the relationship of the work to Theosophy or its significance to the Theosophical movement.
  • Link to Internet versions and reviews of the work.

Additional resources

For more information on adding articles see: