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The Inter-American Theosophical Federation (IATF) is one of four regional federations if the Theosophical Society based in Adyar, India, in which members of national sections come together for fellowship and mutual support.


Several conferences led into the formation of the federation. In 1947, the predecessor organization, the Federation of South American Lodges, invited the Theosophical Society in America to attend a meeting. The formation of the IATF was discussed during three congresses in the 1960s, and the organization was formally established in 1971.


About every three years, a congress or conference is held, with the host country varying from one event to the next.

Year Location Notes
1963 Nov 27-30 Mexico City, Mexico First Congress. There were 300 members from 18 countries including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, with 80 from the United States. Joy Mills, Seymour Ballard, and Ann Wylie attended.[1]
1965 Oct 28-31 Buenos Aires, Argentina Second Congress was attended by 130 people from 9 countries. Nazareno Rimini spoke on need to form an Inter-American Federation. A Council was formed to prepare the foundation. Revised the old Federation of the Southern Hemisphere Section. Originally, Mr. N. Sri Ram, president of the international Theosophical Society, had been scheduled to speak, but after he had to withdraw from the program, it was delayed until October and Mr. Rimini agreed to take the podium.[2]
1968 Sep 22-26, 28-29 Sao Paolo and Rio di Janeiro, Brazil Third Congress. Joy Mills attended. "The Formation of the IATF" was discussed by 9 countries.
1971 Feb 15-20 Paipa and Bogota, Colombia Fourth Congress. Felix Layton attended. The IATF was established with Luis Spairani of Argentina elected as first president (until 1979).
1975 Nov 18-? New York City, USA Fifth IATF Conference occurred at the Centenary World Congress. Joy Mills and Dora Kunz attended.
1979 Mar 24-31 Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina Sixth Conference. Nine countries were present, and Dora Kunz and Emily Sellon represented the TSA. New president was Juan Vinas.
1984 Jan 4-8 Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico Emily Sellon, Dora Kunz, and Renee Weber attended.
1986 Sep 19-25 Wheaton, Illinois, USA Tenth Congress. Dora Kunz and Dick Warren participated.
1998 Sep 18-21 Wheaton, Illinois, USA John Algeo hosted.
2005 San Jose, Costa Rica
2008 Sep 1-21 Wheaton, Illinois, USA Betty Bland hosted the event.
2014 May 28-Jun 1 Wheaton, Illinois, USA Tim Boyd hosted the event.


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