Mahatma Letter to Mohini - LMW 2 No. 60

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Quick Facts
People involved
Written by: Koot Hoomi
Received by: Mohini Mohun Chatterji
Sent via: H.P.B. or H.S.O.
Written on: unknown 
Received on: probably 1883
Other dates: unknown
Sent from: unknown
Received at: unknown
Via: unknown

This letter is Letter No. 60 in Letters from the Masters of the Wisdom, Second Series. Mahatma Koot Hoomi sends instructions to Mohini Mohun Chatterji through Helena Petrovna Blavatsky or Henry Steel Olcott to write a letter..[1]

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Page 1 transcription, image, and notes

I want Mohini to write for me a statement in these words: “I, the undersigned, testify that I wrote (state why) on two different occasions two letters to Mr. Hume which letters have never been answered by him,” etc., words to that effect. What I need is a clear statement that Mr. Hume has NOT answered certain letters, since in a letter to me he calls those who have complained that their letters have remained unanswered by him “liars”. Send this immediately to Mohini and ask him to send you his statement.




Context and background

Mr. Jinarajadasa provided this foreword to the letter:

ONE of the band of brilliant Indians who have helped in taking Theosophical ideas to Western lands is Mohini Mohan Chatterjee. When he was drawn to Theosophy in 1882, he was equipped with an unusually keen philosophical mind. He was accepted by the Master К. H. as a pupil, and much was expected of him. About 1886, however, after splendid Service, he fell out with H.P.B., and bit by bit lost his interest in the T.S.

Mr. Mohini M. Chatterjee left for Europe with the Founders in February, 1884. He rendered valuable aid with lectures and discourses both in Paris and London, and many European Theosophists still remember the brilliance of presentation of spiritual truths by the young Hindu. He visited America the next year. The letters which follow are at Adyar. In Letter 58, reference is made to the “Christian pernicious Superstition". The Masters objected, in popular Christianity, to the emphasis it laid on one life, with the resulting greed and scramble to crowd all experiences into that one life, as also to the intensification of the fear of death, and the consequent heightening of the struggle for existence for all. Equally emphatic was Their denunciation of а “ personal God," as presented in exoteric Christianity, which made men lose in self-reliance, and taught them to look outside of themselves to achieve that reformation of their nature which is the prelude to true peace and happiness. (See Letter I, First Series, for the standpoint of the Maha Chohan on Western civilisation.)[2]

Of this letter [Curuppumullage Jinarājadāsa|Mr. Jinarajadasa]] wrote:

Letter evidently was received by H.P.B. or H.S.O. and forwarded to M.M.C.[3]

Physical description of letter

Mr. Jinarajadasa wrote of the Mohini letters:

The letters which follow are at Adyar.[4]

Publication history

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