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Dr. Nina Pickett

Dr. Nina E. Pickett was an American Theosophist and lecturer. A 1931 article about her states:

Dr. Nina E. Pickett, who has been spending the last year in field work in the south, sends us her spring itinerary, which is planned to bring her into the north for convention and summer school. She writes from St. Petersburg, Florida, where she expects to stay until the latter part of March. She will spend two weeks in Washington D. C., and go from there to Cleveland for a month's work with the Northern Ohio Federation. After this, following two weeks in Indianapolis, she will be available for short engagements in Illinois, Wisconsin and perhaps in Michigan.

Dr. Pickett has a record of many years of devoted service to theosophy. She is deeply learned in the philosophy, is an excellent speaker, witty, trenchant, humorous and tender by turns, and always leaves the Lodges where she works brighter and more awake.

Of her southern work, she writes "Classes and lectures have been well attended. I feel that I am plowing the ground for someone who will sow the seed that will reap a great harvest later." [1]

She wrote a book called Life the Great Adventure, which she published herself. It depicted "the various states in the climb of the human soul from its birth to its perfection and liberation."[2]


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