Robert E. Coates

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Robert E. Coates was a Point Loma Theosophist.

Boris de Zirkoff wrote of him:

Robert E. Coates and Mrs. Carrie C. Coates. I saw them daily for a good many years in Point Loma. They arrived there in 1922. Robert died Aug. 29, 1928 at Point Loma of uremia, after a ten days' illness, after which Carrie returned to Ireland. I remember Robert giving an address "Reminiscences of the Golden Days", at Pt. Loma, Feb 15, 1928; all about the early Theosophical effort in Dublin, and the starting of "The Irish Theosophist"... Coates was speaking sometime of William Larminie, a poet in touch with Russell, of H. M. Magee, son of the Moderator of the Presbyter. Church in Dublin, late a prof. at Heidelberg, of Wm. Magee, brother of the former, well known literary critic and writer, of Chas. Johnston of course, and of Chas. Weekes, poet and critic, of Ella Young, Alice Oldham, lecturer at Alexandra Coll., Dublin, of Mary Scarlett, lecturer there also, and Maud Joynt, research-worker in ancient Irish text - maybe these names are all well known to you. Robert Coates was a very profound thinker and student, and always full of wit.[1]


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