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Shakti (devanāgarī: शक्ति śakti) from Sanskrit Śak, "to be able," meaning force or empowerment. Shakti is the female primordial cosmic energy and represents the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the entire universe in Hinduism. In Theosophy it is seen as the female counterpart of the male Fohat.

In Hindu thought there are different lists of shaktis. Below is one of them:

(1) Parāśakti: The supreme śakti from which all others are derived.

(2) Ānandaśakti: The power of spiritual bliss.

(3) Jñānaśakti: The power to know truth.

(4) Icchāśakti: The will-power.

(5) Kriyāśakti: The thought-power.

(6) Kuṇḍalinīśakti: The fiery power.

(7) Mātrikāśakti: The power of mantras.

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