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"Solar Logos" by Iris White

C. Jinarajadasa wrote of the Solar Logos:

In the arrangements for the guidance of Humanity in what is termed the Occult Hierarchy, the three greatest Adepts form a Triangle of the forces of the Solar Logos. They are the Lord of the World, the Buddha, and the Mahachohan, each being an embodiment to the world of the power and the nature of the First Logos, Second Logos and the Third Logos respectively. On each globe of the seven rounds of our earth Chain, such a Triangle directs the operation of the evolutionary forces on that globe. During the period when the Life Wave manifests on a globe, there are three Lords of the World, seven Buddhas, and of Mahachohans a number which has not been revealed.

During te long past of Humanity, in the first three Rounds and up to the period of the Fourth Race of the Fourth Round, the office of Buddha has been held by Adepts who have come to the Earth Chain from other evolutionary systems more advanced than ours, like Venus. But it was the Lord Gautama Buddha who was the first of our Humanity to achieve the level of Buddhahood. Buddhist books narrate His action of will and renunciation , and the Adepts confirm the Buddhist legend as in the main correct in substance.[1]

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