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Sriman Swamy was a sannyasin and Honorary Secretary of "The Cow Memorial Fund" of Allahabad, a movement for the protection of cattle and the improvement of agriculture in India.

On August 7, 1889, he wrote the following letter to Lucifer:

In reply to your enquiries I may say that I certify on my word as a Sanyassi that I have twice visited Tibet since the year 1879; that I have personally become acquainted with several Mahatmas, among whom were the two known to the outside word as Mahatma “M” and Mahatma “K. H.”; that I spent some time in their company; that they told me that they and other Mahatmas were interested in the work of the Theosophical Society; that Mahatma “M” told me he had been the (occult) guardian of Madame Blavatsky from her infancy.

And I further certify that in March 1887 I saw Mr. Damodar K. Mavalankar at L’hassa, in a convalescent state. He told me, in the presence of Mahatma “K. H.” that he had been at the point of death in the previous year.[1]

In a letter to her friend N. D. Khandalavala, Mme. Blavatsky told him that this letter contained two "fibs": (a) "Damodar never was at Lhassa nor Sriman Swamy either, and not being permitted to say where he saw Damodar he gave a wrong name"; and (b) "My Master never told him what he says of me, but he heard it from a chela".


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