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The Commonweal, subtitled "a weekly journal of national reform," was edited by Annie Besant. According to Besant scholar Kurt Leland, the journal was published from January 2, 1914 until March, 1920.[1] This is its policy as stated by the editor:

We would fain be the voice of the dumb, the defender of the oppressed, the reformer of evil, the upholder of righteousness. It is a great ambition; but "it is better to try nobly and to fail, than ignobly not to try at all."[2]

Supplements were issued bi-monthly, including such topics as these:

  1. Co-operation and Agriculture
  2. Sanitation and Medical Relief
  3. Education
  4. Social Reform
  5. Industries and Trade

Subscriptions cost Rs. 6 per year, and the periodical was printed at the Theosophical Publishing House in Adyar, Madras, India.

Books and pamphlets reprinted from The Commonweal

  • Congress Speeches, 1917
  • The Indian Government, 1917 that was reprinted from The Commonweal.
  • The New Era: An Epoch-making Congress, 1918.
  • Letters to a Young Indian Prince, 1921.


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