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The Irish Theosophist was published in Dublin, Ireland from 1892 to 1897. Daniel Nicol Dunlop was the editor. According to Theosophy Canada:

It included articles and poetry from prominent theosophists some of who also happended to be prominent Irish literary figures. You can find articles by the American theosophist (Irish born) and founder of The Theosophical Society, William Q. Judge, writers Charles Johnston, Charles Weekes, G. W. Russell and others.
The Irish Theosophist is also noteable as a public record for certain aspects of what has come to be known as "The Judge Case".[1]

Digital versions

  • Volumes 1-3 (1892-1895)- through September, 1895 - PDFs available online at Theosophy Canada.
  • The International Association for the Preservation of Spiritualist and Occult Periodicals (IAPSOP) offers two alternative sets of images of the entire run of the periodical.
  • Volumes 1-5 (1892-1897)- high-quality PDFs available at

Index to the periodical

The Union Index of Theosophical Periodicals[1] provides a searchable index to this periodical online, listing article titles and authors in chronological sequence.


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