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The Union Index of Theosophical Peridiodicals is a database established in 1993 by Gladney Oakley, and maintained by the Campbell Theosophical Research Library of Sydney, Australia, which is affiliated with the Theosophical Society in Australia. It is a major source of information about 151 periodicals, and is continually growing.

The website is at Index of Theosophical Periodicals.

NOTE: Website is not functioning at this time, but is being reestablished. Note added 6/24/2024.

Lists of periodicals

On the Contents page, the website lists periodicals in several ways:

  • name of publication ("Full List")
  • place (country) of publication
  • chronologically by date of first issue
  • alphabetically by first editor or founder
  • as subsets:
    • Alice Bailey, etc.
    • Anthroposophy, Rudolf Steiner
    • Esoteric School
    • Judge, Point Loma, Pasadena, U.L.T., etc.
    • Outline and Special Indices (not Plain, i.e. not included in Search and List Kit)
    • Series, including Pamphlets, regular and irregular
    • Theosophy-Science

Arrangement of index entries

In most of the indices, there is an entry for each article in the periodical, in this order (where n represents a number):

  • Journal, abbreviated as 4-7 characters, such as ThQly for Theosophical Quarterly
  • Year, in the format ynnnn, such as y1927
  • Volume, in the format vnn, such as v17
  • Issue, in the format inn, such as i5
  • Month (or quarter) spelled out, such as May
  • Page, in the format pnnn, such as p138
  • Title, following a single dash
  • Author, following two dashes


The recently redesigned website facilitates searching by keyword, title, or author. A shortcut to the keyword search feature is http://www.austheos.org.au/csearch/ui-search.htm.