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The Platonist was a periodical edited by Thomas Moore Johnson, subtitled as "An exponent of the philosophic truth, and devoted chiefly to the dissemination of the Platonic philosophy in all its phases." Published from 1881 until 1888, it was superceded by Bibliotheca Platonica.

Publication history

According to notes made by Boris de Zirkoff, the publication had this history[1]:

February 1881-January 1882 - published in St. Louis, Missouri
February 1882-December 1883 - publication suspended
January 1884-July 1884 - published in Orange, New York
August 1884-July 1885 - publication suspended
August 1885-December 1885 - published in Osceola, Missouri
January 1886-December 1886 - publication suspended
January 1887-June 1888 - published in Osceola, Missouri

Digital and other versions

The Platonist has been reprinted by Kessinger. Microfilm is also available. These are sources of digital versions:


Other resources

  • Bowen, Patrick D. and K. Paul Johnson, eds. Letters to the Sage: Selected Correspondence of Thomas Moore Johnson, Volume Two: Alexander Wilder, The Platonist. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2018. Introduction by Ronnie Pontiac. Glossary by Erica Georgiades. Correspondence of Thomas Moore Johnson with Alexander Wilder, including many remarks on The Platonist.
  • Raine, Kathleen and George Mills Harper, editors. The Platonist: Selected Writings. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1969.


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