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The Theosophical Forum was published by William Quan Judge beginning in April, 1889, and continued monthly through April, 1905. It was divided into the First Series, which ran through April 1895, and the Second Series, 1895-1905.

From September 1929 to December 1944 a publication of the same name was published by the Theosophical Society based in Point Loma and Covina, California. The editors were Gottfried de Purucker and Arthur L. Conger, Jr.. See The Theosophical Forum New Series.

First Series

"Subjects for Discussion"

At the end of the first issue of the Forum, Mr. Judge inaugurated a section titled "Subjects for Discussion," consisting of condensed paragraphs on various subjects considered useful for discussion and study by individuals and Branches of the Society. In view of Mr. Judge’s statement that the Forum was under his direction, it may be assumed that he either wrote or approved of these items.[1]

Second Series

Selected articles from January 1936 to March 1951 have been made available at this website.

Index to the periodical

No index to this periodical is available.

Availability online

Volumes 1-10 (1895-1905) of the Second Series are available in high-quality PDFs available at IAPSOP and also at Some volumes are incomplete.