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The establishment of the Theosophical History Centre was announced in the first issue of Theosophical History:

At its monthly meeting on 2nd February, the English T.S. Executive Committee gave its approval to the creation of a Theosophical History Centre (attached to the English Section), of which Leslie Price is Secretary. For convenience the activities of the T.H.C. will be announced and reported in this journal, although the two are technically separate.

T.S. members may affiliate with the Centre either as Full members or Associates (£2 in 1985). Non-members of the T.S. will be able to keep in touch with the Centre through these pages. The pattern of activities is likely to include meetings at which historians describe their current Theosophical researches; surveys of archives; visits to historical sources and in time a short annual conference. More details in the March issue.[1]


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