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Vril is form of energy mentioned by Edward Bulwer-Lytton in his novel The Coming Race. The Vril is an "all-permeating fluid" that serves as latent source of energy. The novel describes subterranean race, the "Vril-ya", who where able to master this extraordinary force through training of their will. The vril is a neutral force that be used either as an agent of destruction or as a healing substance.

H. P. Blavatsky said: "The name vril may be a fiction; the Force itself is a fact doubted as little in India as the existence itself of their Rishis, since it is mentioned in all the secret works."[1] This force is equated to akasha by Mahatma K. H.[2] As Mme. Blavatsky stated, this force can be mastered by human beings:

Electricity is a most powerful force not fully known to modern science, yet used very much. The nervous, physical, and mental systems of man acting together are able to produce the same force exactly, and in a finer as well as subtler way and to as great a degree as the most powerful dynamo, so that the force might be used to kill, to alter, to move, or otherwise change any object or condition. This is the “vril” described by Bulwer Lytton in his Coming Race.[3]


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