William H. Dower

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Dr. William H. Dower

William H. Dower was the co-founder with Francia A. La Due of the Temple of the People, an international Theosophical group based in Halcyon, California.

Personal life

William Dower was born in New York on March 22, 1866 of a German immigrant father, Henry C. Dauer, and American mother Willimina. He attended Syracuse University and became a physician. After an early marriage and divorce, he married a member of the Temple of the People, Jane Kent (1874-1933), around the year 1900. Their daughter Flamore was born on January 2, 1919. Jane died on September 24, 1933, and the doctor married again, to Pearl Frances Wilshire. After he died on October 5, 1937, Pearl adopted Flamore.[1][2][3]

Flamore died on January 21, 1982 and was buried, like her parents, at Halcyon Cemetery.

Temple of the People



Dr. Dower wrote articles, pamphlets, and books. Some were translated into French and German.

  • Occultism for Beginners. Halcyon, Calif.: Halcyon Book Concern, 1917. 77 pages. Available at Google Books and Hathitrust.
  • The Basic Principle of Brotherhood and Evolutionary Wave. Halycyon, Calif.: Temple Book Dept., 1939. 18 pages.
  • The Coming Avatar. Halcyon, Calif.: Temple of the People, 1918. Available at Internet Archive. 61 pages.
  • The Curse of the World. Halcyon, Calif.: Temple of the People, 1920. 4 pages.
  • Captives. Halcyon, Calif.: Temple of the People, 1920. 4 pages.
  • "Six Nations Indian Traditions". The Lamp 3.29 (December, 1896), 76.

Coauthored with Francia A. La Due

  • Temple Messages. Halcyon, Calif.: Temple of the People, 1983. 183 pages.
  • Teachings of the Temple. Halcyon, Calif.: The Temple of the People, 1925. Second or Jubilee edition in 1948. 661 pages.
  • From the Mountain Top. Halcyon, Calif.: Temple of the People, 1914. 278 pages. Available at Hathitrust.


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