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Dane Rudhyar

Dane Rudhyar was an American writer, composer, artist, and astrologer.

Early years

Dane Rudhyar was born in Paris on March 23, 1895 under the name Daniel Chennevière.

Theosophical Society connection

Rudhyar was admitted to the Theosophical Society at Krotona in Old Hollywood, California on January 31, 1920. His sponsors were A. F. Knudsen and A. P. Warrington.[1]

Music and compositions

Book cover
Astrology book cover




According to The American Theosophist in 1980,

Dane Rudhyar, who has contributed generously to The American Theosophist through the years, was recently awarded an honorary degree of Doctor in Humane Letters from John F. Kennedy University in Orinda, California and an honorary degree of Doctor in Transpersonal Philosophy by the California Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Menlo Park.[2]

Final years

Mr. Rudhyar died in San Francisco on September 13, 1985.

Dane Rudhyar painting "Avatar", 1938.


Dane Rudhyar published more than forty books and hundreds of articles, mostly concerning astrology and spirituality. The Union Index of Theosophical Periodicals lists 83 articles by or about Dane Rudhyar from nine different periodicals.

A lengthy list of his books can be found in Dane Rudyar: A Bibliographical Checklist at DailyRareBooks.com.

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