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Emblem of Point Loma Publications, from The Eclectic Theosophist

Point Loma Publications followed in the tradition of the Aryan Theosophical Press and the Point Loma community in publishing books and the periodical, The Eclectic Theosophist.

History and purpose

Point Loma Publications was chartered in California as a non-profit religious and educational corporation on January 22, 1971. Mr. Iverson L. Harris was President and Chairman of the Board of Directions.

Some of the principles stated in the Articles of Incorporation are:

... to publish and disseminate literature of a philosophical, scientific, religious, historical and cultural character, faithful to the traditions and high standards maintained by the Theosophical Society with International Headquarters formerly at Point Loma, California, under the leadership of Katherine Tingley from 1900 to 1929, and of Gottfried de Purucker, from 1929 to 1942: to pursue and perpetuate the aims of the original T.S., founded in New York City by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Col. H.S. Olcott, Wm. Q. Judge and others, as enunciated by them on October 30, 1975: “to collect and diffuse a knowledge of the laws which govern the Universe;” and to consider publication of the writings of current authors in the fields of Theosophy in particular and of philosophy, science, history, religion and cosmopolitan culture in general.

In the interests of economy, efficiency of operation, and in furtherance of brotherhood, understanding and peace, it shall be the basic policy of the corporation to co-operate and affiliate with, and to welcome co-operation and affiliation from, individuals, groups, corporations and other organizations with similar purposes and ideals, the extent of such affiliation and co-operation to be determined and limited only by the wishes and policies of the parties concerned.

Point Loma Publications publishes a bi-monthly magazine The Eclectic Theosophist. Its object is to share with members and friends of the Theosophical Movement the best in theosophical literature, past and present, explaining and forwarding the esoteric philosophy, and to share with its readers the outstanding current events in the various Theosophical Societies.[1]

Works published

In addition to numerous reprints and new editions of books by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, William Quan Judge, Katherine Tingley, Henry T. Edge, Gottfried de Purucker, and other older writers, the company published such newer titles as these:

  • Barborka, Geoffrey A. A Glossary of Sanskrit Terms. 1973.
  • De Zirkoff, Boris. The Dream That Never Dies: Boris de Zirkoff Speaks Out on Theosophy. 1983.
  • Greenwalt, Emmett A. California Utopia: Point Loma, 1897-1942. 1978.
  • Harris, Iverson L. Mme. Blavatsky defended; refutation of falsehoods, slanders, and misrepresentations published by the National Broadcasting Company, Truman Capote, Walter Winchell, the John Birch Society, Time magazine and others, 1971.
  • Macalpin, Miles. Book of the Living: a Hand-book of Self-directed Consciousness. 1988.
  • Malpas, P. A. True Messiah: the Story and Wisdom of Apollonius of Tyana 3BC - AD96. 1990.
  • Morris, Kenneth. Golden Threads in the Tapestry of History. 1975.
  • Spierenburg, H. J. The Buddhism of H. P. Blavatsky. 1991.
  • Ryan, Charles J. H.P. Blavatsky and the Theosophical Movement: a Brief Historical Sketch. 1975.
  • Spierenburg. H. J. H. P. Blavatsky on the Gnostics. 1994.
  • Spierenburg, H. J. The Inner Group Teachings of H.P. Blavatsky: to Her Personal Pupils, 1890-91: a Reconstruction of the Teachings. 1985.
  • Spierenburg, H. J. The New Testament Commentaries of H. P. Blavatsky. 1987.

Study Series

  • Benjamin, Elsie. Search and Find: Theosophical Reference Index (following the Blavatsky tradition). 1978. Study Series No 1.


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