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Ernest Armine Wodehouse (1879-1936) was an English Theosophist, poet, and educator best known as the tutor of Jiddu Krishnamurti. He was the older brother of novelist P. G. Wodehouse.

Personal life

Wodehouse served in the Scots Guards. Before the First World War, he held a position as professor at Deccan College in Poona, India. After the war he returned to India.

Theosophical Society involvement

Wodehouse was admitted to the Theosophical Society at Poona, India on March 7, 1908.[1]

George S. Arundale described Wodehouse as "an old friend and colleague of mine in the Central Hindu College days."[2]

Library of Congress registration card for 1938 abridged edition.


Wodehouse was awarded the Newdigate Prize for poetry in 1902. In addition to poetry, he wrote books and articles on Theosophical subjects. The Union Index of Theosophical Periodicals lists 154 articles by or about EA Wodehouse. These are some of his published books:

  • A World Expectant. Wheaton, Illinois: Theosophical Press, 1938. This edition was abridged by Anita Henkel, with foreword by Sidney A. Cook.
  • The Taking of a Body by The World-Teacher: What it means and implies. Adyar, Madras, India and Eerde, Ommen, Holland:Order of the Star in the East, 1927. 24 pages. Available here.
  • L'Ordre d'Étoile d'Orient. Paris: Éditions Théosophique, 1912.
  • On Leave: Poems and Sonnets. E. Mathews, 1917.


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