Elsie Benjamin

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Elsie Benjamin

Elsie Benjamin (née Savage) was secretary to both Katherine Tingley and Gottfried de Purucker, and worked with Christmas Humphreys to create the third edition of The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett.

Additional resources

  • Benjamin, Elsie. On Tour with G. de P., 1931: A Secretary's Travelog (Point Loma, 1931).[1] An account of how Gottfried de Purucker temporarily moved headquarters from Point Loma to London at a time when he was trying to sell acreage to Annie Besant.
  • See Alan Donant's article on Colonel Arthur L. Conger for mentions of Elsie Benjamin.
  • See also Frank Reitemeyer's article "HPB’s Occult Ring - Another Chapter of Theosophical History Clarified" atBlavatsky Archives.


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