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Lafayette Gordon Plummer was a Theosophical writer, lecturer, and teacher in the Point Loma tradition.

According to the San Diego History Center:

Fred Gordon Plummer, his wife Emily, and children, including Marian (b. 1893), moved from Tacoma, Wash., to the Theosophical community Lomaland at Point Loma, Calif., in 1903. Fred G. Plummer, a Theosophist, became chief geographer of the United States Forestry Service and a leader in the conservation movement before his death in 1913. His son Lafayette Gordon Plummer (1904-1999) became a Theosophical writer, lecturer, and teacher. His daughter Helen Plummer married Iverson Harris, Theosophical Society leader Katherine Tingley's secretary, and she became Tingley's traveling companion. Marian Plummer studied art at the Theosophical Institute. She met artist Leonard Lester there around 1916 and they were married in 1931.[1]


  • From Atom to Kosmos (Point Loma, 1940)
  • Star Habits and Orbits (Covina, 1944)
  • The Mathematics of the Cosmic Mind (San Diego, 1966)

Additional resources


  • Is Discipleship Possible in the West?. Presented in Wheaton, Illinois at the Theosophical Society in America, 1963. 43 minutes. The path of discipleship is both a wonderful opportunity and an awesome responsibility. It is full of contrasts, paradoxes, lights and shadows, and subtle blendings of the two. The speaker tells us that it is a tremendously difficult undertaking full of pitfalls, trials, and dangers. At the same time it is a beautiful path of ever-increasing joy and awareness of the Divine presence. Theosophical writings are filled with references to discipleship, the path, and the Masters of Wisdom. Is it possible for a person living today to seriously consider the path of discipleship?
  • Spiritual Powers and Psychic Phenomena. Presented in Wheaton, Illinois at the Theosophical Society in America, 1963. 75 minutes. Explores the path of a disciple, the doctrine of the Avatar, the great sacrifices demanded, and the bridge of initiation.


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Additional resources