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Mother is a symbolic way of referring to the principle of matter in its different stages of differentiation. Some of the phrases that are associated to the mother are "Waters of Space," "Universal Matrix",[1] chaos, etc.

Eternal mother

The first Stanza of The Secret Doctrine opens by referring to a female eternal principle that is the parent of the universe:

The eternal parent (Space) wrapped in her ever-invisible robes, had slumbered once again for seven eternities.[2]

According to H. P. Blavatsky the first something that can be conceived has to be treated as a feminine principle:

Q. But why is the Eternal Parent, Space, spoken of as feminine?
A. . . . Once that we speak of that first something which can be conceived, it has to be treated of as a feminine principle. In all cosmogonies the first differentiation was considered feminine. . . . It is the goddess and goddesses who come first. The first emanation becomes the immaculate Mother from whom proceeds all the gods, or the anthropomorphized creative forces. We have to adopt the masculine or the feminine gender, for we cannot use the neuter it. From IT, strictly speaking, nothing can proceed, neither a radiation nor an emanation.[3]

It is interesting to note that in her first draft of The Secret Doctrine, known as the Würzburg Manuscript, Blavatsky used the word "mother" instead of "parent" in her translation of the first sloka of Stanza I:

The Eternal Mother (space) wrapped in her ever invisible robes (cosmic prenebular matter) had slumbered for seven Eternities.[4]

Virgin mother

When the Third or manifested Logos appears, the pre-Cosmic Substance becomes the Virgin-Mother.[5]

Mother becomes the immaculate mother only when the differentiation of spirit and matter is complete. Otherwise there would exist no such qualification. No one would speak of pure spirit as immaculate, for it cannot be otherwise. The mother is, therefore, the immaculate matter before it is differentiated under the breath of the pre-cosmic Fohat, when it becomes the “immaculate mother” of the “ Son” or the manifested Universe, in form.[6]

The virgin egg in the microcosm corresponds to the Virgin Mother in the macrocosm:

The “Virgin Egg” is the microcosmic symbol of the macrocosmic prototype—the “Virgin Mother”—Chaos or the Primeval Deep.[7]

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