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Rhoden Berkeley Wriothesley Noel (27 August 1834—26 May 1894) was an English poet. He was interested in spiritualism and was a founding vice-president of the Society for Psychical Research.[1]

Reference in Mahatma Letters

'The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett refers to Mr. Noel in Mahatma Letter No. 111 in the chronological numbering, or No. 59 in the Barker scheme of numbering. On Page 18 he is mentioned in a section about sacred geometry:

Well may the Geometer of the R.S. not know that the apparent absurdity of attempting to square the circle covers a mystery ineffable. It would hardly be found among the foundation stones of Mr. Roden Noel's speculations upon the "pneumatical body . . . of our Lord," nor among the debris of Mr. Farmer's "A New Basis of Belief in Immortality"; and to many such metaphysical minds it would be worse than useless to divulge the fact, that the Unmanifested Circle — the Father, or Absolute Life — is non-existent outside the Triangle and Perfect Square, and — is only manifested in the Son; and that it is when, reversing the action and returning to its absolute state of Unity, and the square expands once more into the Circle — that "the Son returns to the bosom of the Father"...[2]


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