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NOTE: This article is about the Hermetic Society in London. A Boston group of the same name formed
for the study of The Perfect Way. It was linked to Clara Erskine Clement Waters.[1]

The Hermetic Society was formed on May 9, 1884 in London, as an offspring of the short-lived Hermetic Lodge of the Theosophical Society.

The first meeting took place at the residence of Mr. Francis Lloyd, 43 Rutland Gate, London W., with Dr. Kingsford as President, Mr. Maitland as Vice-President, and Mr. Lloyd as Treasurer.[2]

Col. Olcott, President-Founder of the Theosophical Society was present at this inaugural meeting and made a friendly address of good wishes and sympathy for the new society.

Other members of the Hermetic Society included C. C. Massey, Irish poet and mythologist Ella Young and writer Kenneth Morris.

Lecturers included Dr. Kingsford, E. Maitland, C. C. Massey, Mohini Mohun Chatterji, Roden Noel, Arthur Lillie, MacGregor Mathers, and William Wynn Westcott.

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