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Open Court letterhead from October 1896

The Open Court was a periodical published between 1887 and 1936 by Open Court Publishing Company in Chicago. It was "devoted to the science of religion, the religion of science, and the extension of the religious parliament idea." According to the repository at Southern Illinois University,

Subjects extensively covered by articles in The Open Court include the history of philosophy, Asian religions and culture, education, and contemporary ideas of religion and philosophy. The journal also published reviews of contemporary works of theology, philosophy, science, and mathematics.[1]

Several prominent authors published articles in this periodical, including Charles Johnston, William Loftus Hare, and Manilal N. Dvivedi. Anagarika Dharmapala had some connection to this company, as he used its letterhead to write to Dr. J. D. Buck in 1896, responding to a request for a speaking engagement.[2]

Availability online

The Special Collections Research Center of Morris Library at Southern Illinois University is the official repository for the Open Court Publishing Company. It is making digitized articles from The Open Court available via its portal OpenSIUC.


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