Claude Falls Wright

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Claude Falls Wright

Claude Falls Wright (1867-1923) was an Irish Theosophist who became a member of H. P. Blavatsky's Inner Group in London, in August 1890.

C. F. Wright with brother Ernest (at left)
C. F. Wright as a young man

Early years

Encounters with Irish Theosophists

Meeting with H. P. Blavatsky

Theosophical Society activities in United States

Later years and death

Boris de Zirkoff Account

Boris de Zirkoff wrote of him and Leoline in 1957:

He and his wife, Leoline Leonard Wright, accompanied Katherine Tingley on her first tour around the world, leaving New York June 13, 1896. Claude was at the time member of the Executive Commmittee of the Theos. Soc. in America, of which Mr. E. T. Hargrove was President then. Claude was in Point Loma and participated in the Ceremonies of the laying of the Corner Stone of the School for the Revival of the Lost Mysteries of Antiquity, Feb. 23, 1897. He spoke, taking his title "H. P. Blavatsky." I know his widow very well; she is very old now; lives in San Diego with her married daughter and family; address is 3667 Jackdaw, San Diego 3, Calif. Claude drowned somewhere in Central America or Mexico. They had a son, but he lost his mind and has been in an Institution for years and years. Mrs. Wright might be as much as 87 now.[1]


Mr. Wright wrote a few articles that are listed, along with mentions of his activities, in these Theosophical periodicals. His book is available online:


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