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The Germania Theosophical Society was founded on July 27, 1884, at the home of the Gebhards at Elberfeld, Germany. Dr. Hübbe-Schleiden was the first president, Mary Gebhard the Vice-President, and her son Franz Gebhard the Corresponding Secretary.

Dr. Hübbe-Schleiden was greatly interested in Occultism. In the summer of 1884 he received from his friend Herr von Hoffmann the newly translated German edition of Esoteric Buddhism. Hübbe-Schleiden read the volume all night and soon afterward contacted Colonel Olcott.

Ascertaining from that gentleman that Madame Blavatsky was then in Germany at Elberfeld with Frau Gebhard, one of her earliest German adherents, he, with characteristic promptitude, set out for that town in search of the Founder of the Movement.

It was here, then, that on the 27th of July, 1884, the first German Branch of the Theosophical Society, styled "Theosophische Societät Germania" was founded in the presence of H. P. Blavatsky, Mr. A. P. Sinnett, and other members then in Germany, having for its President Dr. Hübbe-Schleiden, and for its Acting Secretary Herr Franz Gebhard. But though the Committee was complete, what the Societät Germania lacked most of all was members, and to meet this want Dr. Hübbe-Schleiden, accompanied by Colonel Olcott, set out on a journey of propaganda, in order to secure the sympathies of such as would be likely to prove themselves worthy adherents of the new movement... Among the names of those who then joined the Society may be mentioned such well-known men as Dr. Carl du Prel, the artist, Gabriel Max, Herr von Hoffman (before mentioned), Herr Direktor Sellin, as well as that gentleman's brother, and Herr Bernhard Hubo. This promising branch was, however, fated to die an early death, its dissolution being brought about by the doubts and uncertainties engendered by the Coulomb affair. The members dispersed, Dr. Hübbe-Schleiden alone remaining in what had become but a nominal capacity.[1]


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