The Eclectic Theosophist (periodical)

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Cover of Spring 1994 issue

The Eclectic Theosophist was published by Point Loma Publications from March 1971 to Winter 1995. The editors were W. Emmett Small and Helen Todd. It was a bi-monthly magazine with the object:

to share with members and friends of the Theosophical Movement the best in theosophical literature, past and present, explaining and forwarding the esoteric philosophy, and to share with its readers the outstanding current events in the various theosophical Societies.[1]

In addition to reprinting articles by older authors such as Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, William Quan Judge, Gottfried de Purucker, Katherine Tingley, and Henry T. Edge, the periodical published new articles by scholars such as Geoffrey A. Barborka, Ted G. Davy, Ianthe Hoskins, Boris de Zirkoff, John Cooper, and John Drais.

Availability online

The Union Index of Theosophical Periodicals offers an index to this periodical, and all of the issues are available in digital form at present from IAPSOP.


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