March 27

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March 27 is the 86th day of the year (87th in leap years) in the Gregorian Calendar. It is preceded by March 26, and succeeded by March 28. Following March 27, there are 279 days in the year.

Blavatsky's Gem of the Day

"Neither by the eyes, nor by spirit, nor by the sensuous organs, nor by austerity, nor by sacrifices, can we see Brahma. Only the pure, by the light of wisdom and meditation, can see the pure Deity."


  • None listed for this date.


  • None listed for this date.


  • 1971 – Wanda Dynowska, "Umadevi," a Polish Theosophist and linguist who founded the Indo-Polish Library, publishing Theosophical and spiritual texts in multiple languages. (b. June 30, 1988).

Holidays and observances

  • None listed for this date.

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