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Adding images to a wiki article can be a complex process. The Mediawiki software underlying the Theosophy Wiki is not WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") in its graphic interface. Therefore, you have sometimes have to experiment a bit to get an image into the desired size and position.

The basic syntax for displaying an image is:


The options are case-sensitive, and must be typed in all lower case letters. Each option is separated from the next option by a pipe symbol, |.

  • Option for position of the image: left, center, right - default is right
  • Option for framing the image: frame, thumb - default is no framing
  • Option for image size: A number followed by px (i.e. 200px for 200 pixels in width)
  • Option for caption: any words that are not keywords are used as the caption.

If the text wraps around the image in an unattractive way, it is often useful to add line breaks <br> to force the text or image to a different position.

See Mediawiki's article Help:Images for the complete array of options in placement of images. Other good sources of information are:

Examples in Theosophy Wiki of articles using some of these options:


Images can be displayed in galleries - small images in a row across a page. For more information and examples see the Wikipedia article Gallery tag and Mediwiki's article Rendering a gallery of images.

Examples of galleries in Theosophy Wiki: