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NOTE: For Theosophy World website see Theosophy World (website).

Theosophy World was a periodical delivered via e-mail from May 1996 through October 2010. Its home page states:

Theosophy World is an independent project to support the sharing of the theosophical philosophy, and to the general cause of the bodhisattva vow, the ideal of applied compassion and wisdom in the world leading to making earth a better place to live for all beings.

It is a free internet monthly that offers materials from the many schools of Theosophy, with an emphasis on the original philosophy as initially presented by H.P. Blavatsky, W.Q. Judge, and those that followed them. Original writings, reprints of value, and some particularly interesting emails, revised for the magazine, are included each month.[1]

Both original articles and reprints of important articles from older Theosophical periodicals were included in this format. Some of the more frequent recent contributors were Daniel Caldwell, Eldon Tucker, John Algeo, Pedro Oliveira, Dara Eklund, Erica L. Georgiades, Joe Fulton, Dallas TenBroeck, and Katinka Hesselink. Featured writers from the past included G. de Purucker, Henry T. Edge, William Quan Judge, Frank Knoche, B. P. Wadia, Katherine Tingley, Kenneth Morris, L. Gordon Plummer, and A. Trevor Barker.

Past issues are available at Theosophy World.[1]


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