December 27

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December 27 is the 361st day of the year (362nd in leap years) in the Gregorian Calendar. It is preceded by December 26, and succeeded by December 28. Following December 27, there are 4 days in the year.

Blavatsky's Gem of the Day

"If you depend too servilely upon the good word of other people, you will be unworthy of your own nature."


  • 1888 – Beginning of the International Convention at Adyar where it was decided a) to reorganize the Theosophical Society in autonomous National Sections, b) that the President will hold office for a period of seven years, and c) that William Quan Judge be the Vice-President of the Society. The Convention also abolished entrance fees and annual dues.
  • 1893 – Annie Besant delivered her first International Convention lecture on "The Building of the Cosmos" at the Headquarters of the Theosophical Society, at Adyar.


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