September 27

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September 27 is the 270th day of the year (271st in leap years) in the Gregorian Calendar. It is preceded by September 26, and succeeded by September 28. Following September 27, there are 95 days in the year.

Blavatsky's Gem of the Day

"When the leaden clouds clash together, the fair glimpse of heaven is shut out."


  • 1881 – Most likely the date when Master K. H. entered into Samādhi, in search of "supreme knowledge". Master M. continued the correspondence with A. P. Sinnett during his absence.
  • Col. Olcott, in Ceylon, wrote in his diary: "I was awakened from sleep by my Chohan (or Guru, the Brother [Master M.] whose immediate pupil I am). He made me rise, sit at my table and write from his dictation for an hour or more".



Holidays and observances

  • None listed for this date.

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